Facts Article about Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest transnational ecommerce establishments in the world and although lots of stuff are sold on a daily basis on the site, it is most known for selling books.

In the United States of America, Amazon (can be found online via its website Amazon) is the most successful as well as the biggest online retail outlet. From books to movies, music, eBooks (via the Kindle formats), clothes, toys, foodstuff and even furniture is being sold in copious quantities on this website. Their closest competitors, Staples, and eBay do not hold a candle to Amazon regarding success in business.

Amazon is the brainchild of Jeff Bezos, and the online retail site was introduced to the world in 1994 as a small online retail bookstore. The former name of the ecommerce website was “Cadabra” (coined from the word “Abracadabra”), but it didn’t take long before Mr. Bezos changed its name to Amazon. His reasons? Well, first, Amazon starts with the letter “A” which is the first letter of the alphabet. Now, taking a close look at its logo, one would notice that there is an arrow that starts from the alphabet “A” and ends with the pointy end at the alphabet “Z”, signifying that everything that anyone would ever need can be found when users type in what they are searching for in the Amazon search bar. Secondly, it is believed that the Amazon River (which flows from northern Peru and navigates through northern South America to the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil). Hence Mr. Bezos wanted to give the impression that his online retailer is gigantic, and indeed, it is.

That impression led to the diversification of Amazon and soon, eBooks, music downloads, and other product lines were incorporated into the business. Amazon carries out business transactions across many countries and even has what is known as companion websites across Asia and Europe.

One of the perks that make lots of people to love shopping on Amazon is the Black Friday sales. Black Friday is believed to be the biggest shopping day of the year as lots of shoppers takes advantage of the amazing benefits that are made available to them. Retailers that sell their wares on Amazon.com also record a lot of massive profits on this particular day through offering lots of incredible discounts and bargains.

Black Friday, which has become a popular and accepted term worldwide, is a good day for bargain hunters to not only buy a lot of stuff at discounted rates but also to save a lot of money.